The Design Sprint.

Spend one week to define your product by answering critical business questions through good design, prototyping, and testing.

Hire an experienced design sprint facilitator that will help guide your team to success through good design & product strategy.

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The concept of a design sprint is not a new one. Growing originally from the roots of Agile and Lean methodologies, companies have been utilizing their own versions of a design sprint over the last decade. We can thank Jake Knapp and his amazing work at Google Ventures for bringing its principles to a larger audience.

The main focus of the design sprint is to get validation immediately by the end of the sprint. A side-effect of this is you get actionable goals based on vision, and success metrics that are measurable.

However you may use the design sprint framework, it brings clarity and validation to almost any new or existing product.

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Meet your facilitator


Karl Danninger is a multi-disciplinary developer and designer for the modern web.

Focusing on human-centered design, he crafts beautiful and functional experiences that are a joy to use.

Being both a developer and designer, Karl benefits from the understanding between good design practices and the underlying tech that drives rich applications.

Karl has facilitated 15* design sprints, that have directed teams towards success.

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