Design for humans.

Karl Danninger is a software developer, designer, and creative director who guides teams to success through good design.

Currently working on Atlist Maps, an easy way to create and share beautiful maps. Previously the principal designer and senior software engineer at OK GROW! for 7+ years, formerly co-founder of Hustle Hacker.



↓ KRLD - 0001

Foxquilt – Empowering communities to come together and save, with a smart and innovative approach to insurance.

foxquilt screen 1
Project: Quoting Application via OK GROW!
Role:Creative Director & Developer
Tech:React, GraphQL, Apollo
↓ KRLD - 0002

Lift & Co – Empowering the cannabis industry to make better-informed decisions through superior information and data.

lift screen 1
Project:Recommender & Expo Applications via OK GROW!
Tech:React Native, GraphQL, Apollo
↓ KRLD - 0003

Kiki's Delivery – Enabling couriers and messengers to deliver more efficiently by optimizing routes tailored for bicycles.

kikis screen 1
Project:Delivery Route Optimizer
Tech:Meteor, React, MongoDB
Date:2016 - Present
↓ KRLD - 0004

Sessionwire – Facilitating a community of musicians and producers to make it possible to collaborate from around the world.

Sessionwire screen 1
Project:Sessionwire Communications Inc.
Role:Creative Director & Developer
Tech:Meteor, React, MongoDB, Stripe
↓ KRLD - 0005

Eat Drink Healthy – Enabling people to easily find and share healthy food options nearby.

Eat Drink Healthy screen 1
Project:EatDrinkHealthy LLC.
Role:Creative Director & Developer
Tech:Meteor, React, MongoDB, Cordova
↓ KRLD - 0006

Tomato – Empowering teams to utilize the Pomodoro Technique and share together.

Tomato screen 1
Project:Tomato via OK GROW!
Role:Lead Designer & Developer
Tech:Meteor, MongoDB, Cordova